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A little about the book:

As Brian Keith Alexander Sawers (affectionately known as BK to his friends and family) would've entered his 93rd year of life as this decade begins, it feels appopriate to release this documentation of his life, and that of four generations of the Sawers family.  It is with some regret that BKA died without the chance to see his book completed, however, acknowledging his wishes, the combined efforts of his daughter, Lannah Sawers-Diggins and a number of other people today see his memories shared with the world.

The story has its roots in Stirling, Scotland and traces the lives of several of the first Sawers family members' journeys out to Australia, their 'movements' between arrival and settling onto a series of stations, all of which have been documented, before the Sawers settled onto Pitcairn.  The remainder of this historical recount takes us through an in-depth and detailed history and description of Pitcairn Station.

Brian Sawers spent a great deal of time putting his memories to paper, and while we wish he'd been able to see this finished product of his work, it is with love, respect and admiration that we are finally able to share his experiences with the world, and in turn provide an insight for readers into the Australian outback.

'The Sawers From Pitcairn' is now available for sale through various outlets.  You can call on 888-795-4274 ext 7876 (Xlibris) to purchase, or order online at or visit your local bookstore.  You can also order through this site, by completing and submitting the form on the Contact Us page, or emailing Lannah on or calling on (08) 9330 2121 (Australia); mobile 0411 139 639.

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