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To date, this book does not have a title.  Along with my small support team I have decided to turn the book's cover design and title into a competition for the families and children of the School of the Air and other distance learning facilities around the nation.  This will not actually take place until much nearer the publication date, sometime in 2013.  I am in the process of trying to establish contact with a number of celebrities all of whom I am hoping will agree to join the panel judging the shortlist of entries.  All going well, I have a politician, an author and a singer - and I am looking for others (actors, television personalities - generally anyone who is well int he public eye) who might be interested in helping with the judging.

To tell you a little about the book - as is already known I have two published titles 'out there' - in looking for another one to write, a topic about which I feel passionate - what better than the outback of this great nation; the sheep and cattle stations.  I originate from one, on the edge of the outback and I always have and always will support these people, almost over and above everything and everyone else.

This enormous area, the outback, so often goes by ignored, unnoticed and desperately misunderstood.  This is something that was always been a major cause of frustration for me.  My natural reply to the question about my origins has so often been met with limited interest and then: 'Oh, my aunt/uncle/friend/godmother/ex-boss/ son came from a farm.'  Even when
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