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Please contact ABC Editing and Proofreading for an obligation-free quote.   To give you an idea of my work, I am happy to proof/edit the first two chapters free of charge for you.  This 'sample' will give us both an idea of each others' efforts.

Prices depend on the length of the work required along with various other aspects which would be discussed at time of appraisal.  However, as an idea, our prices do start at around $35.00 per hour.

Turnaround time would also be discussed at time of appraisal, and this would naturally depend on the type of work requested, length (words) , etc. 

I am happy to work with manuscripts in hard copy or electronic...or both.  I will work with whatever the writer wishes.

I will proofread: correct spelling, fix other errors, check paragraphing and layout and check and correct punctuation and make other suggestions which I feel would be of help.  However, nothing is done without the author's consent and approval.

I will also edit: as for proofreading along with checking headings, layout, paragraphing, chapters, any quotations, and associated aspects preferred by the author, all the while complying with the appropriate 'house' style manual requirements, checking names and titles.  All these will be noted and a report submitted when the manuscript is returned to the writer.

I am also prepared to give anyone a chance.  If you have a manuscript and would just like to know where to start, what to do, I am more than happy to give it a chance and do my best to guide you.

I am also happy to take manuscripts, again fiction or non-fiction but preferably not specialised work (as mentioned elsewhere on my site, I prefer to leave that to more experienced editors in such areas) from anywhere in the world.  And also as mentioned, they can be submitted in hard copy, email or however it suits the writer.

Depending on the length of the manuscript, I will send the writer progress reports on my efforts should the person decide to proceed after seeing the results of those first two chapters.


I work on fiction and non-fiction and am more than happy to 'have a go' at pretty well any challenge offered, apart from those mentioned above.

At this stage, I do not accept technical or specialist work.  For example, student theses, government publications.  I leave such works to proofreaders/editors who are experienced in dealing with such areas.

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