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Sadly, I doubt that bullying will ever actually be stopped completely (not in my lifetime anyway) but at least we could join forces in the ongoing fight against it.  As the old saying goes, the more the merrier.

As I travel down this road, I am gaining more contacts, meeting some wonderful like minded people, also collecting some very interesting and enlightening information, mainly about schools, none of which is really surprising me, given the outcomes of some of the case histories featured in 'Bullseye'.Some of this will eventually be made public, but only when appropriate.  Some of the things had already occurred to me, resulting from the lack of response from the schools that I have tried to contact, have been all but confirmed with added 'ammunition' to boot.  I will be changing my strategy when it comes to the schools in the coming year.

As recommended by numerous people, I also tried to contact several celebrities in an effort to gain some support.  I sent off a few emails, in very vain hope, but as only one has bothered to respond, I suspect the rest were deleted sight unseen.  This one response was from the PA of one of our top national singers, which was wonderful.  At first she said that the singer is inundated with requests etc but she also mentioned something HE mentioned that had occurred at his school in South Australia (my own home state and where my own experience took place).  I thanked them profusely and told them that they had already pretty well done all that I had wanted .... I had his name, was provided with a quote and they were fantastic in also providing me with a publicity shot.  The PA is a really lovely person and I have always admired this particular singer.  Again, this will become public in the coming year.

I am also receiving some absolutely wonderful and rather overwhelming (for me) feedback, most of which has been published in the 'Bullseye' and will continue to be.  I do think I have lost a few books which I had sent as complimentary copies to various well known people around Australia, hoping that they might be good enough and have time to write testamonials.  These might still be forthcoming but I am not holding my breath.  Unless I have made prior arrangements with people when I send copies, I always enclose an SSAE for their safe return should the recipient not be interested, not have time....or whatever.  Now I am wondering whether I will ever see those particular copies again.  By arrangement I did send a copy to one well known lady in the eastern states and very cheekily asked if she might be good enough to provide a testamonial.  I was not particularly reassured with her response: that she would if she felt it was appropriate.  I decided I possibly would not hear again.  So when I received a really lovely email a couple of weeks ago, telling me she had read a few pages and would be happy to provide a testimonial, I was over the moon.  As 'Bullseye' and I gain momentum and gradually become better known, I have noticed that the interest and feeback is increasing and say the least, overwhelming.

Anyway, I know there are many, many people 'out there' who are against bullying and would be interested in trying to do something positive about it, or at least help in the fight and I am now offering you this chance.  As mentioned, the more the merrier.  If you do want to help in some way (yet to be decided, but at this stage, I just want support....the more the better) please email me: or you can call me on 0411 139 639 and leave a message and I will get back to you.  The more ideas, contact details, thoughts, suggestions, advice the better.

I am also still in the process of contacting other anti-bullying sites and joining forces with some of these.  It is all helping in this ongoing fight.

Thank you.

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